Changes to our website(s)!

by | Sep 30, 2017

It’s all change with the new MBC websites. For the last few years we’ve been with Weebly, which was lovely but our time together is at an end.

We’ve shifted onto the WordPress platform and are developing a neat network of MBC sites so that we have all our stuff in one pace. As well as the main club site (which you’re currently on), we have a dedicated area for the Friends of MBC¬†and also a brand new History of MBC site!

In recent months there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to reconstruct many aspects of MBC’s fantastic history. Rebuilding links with MBC alumni has brought some cracking archive material out into the open. Perran Ziar, who is a Steward at MBC, has been reaching back to past captains in a bid to restore boat club records. And to cap off our connection with past MBC, for the first time since his being ‘sent down’ in 1937, we were able to remember D. M. W. Napier who was tragically killed in the Second World War and almost completely forgotten from College records because of his academic mishaps (or perhaps his passion for rowing, which saw him take to the water in The 1937 Boat Race).

We hope the MBC History site will grow into a fantastic, dynamic archive of material. We hope the club history will become increasingly accessible to all.